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Message from the President

Greetings Sororities and Friends,


I am Marlena Demmon, the current President of the Omicron Sigma Chapter of Delta Zeta at Gallaudet University.


It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to our Delta Zeta’s Website.


A fast fact about this chapter, is that we are a part of the 170 active collegiate chapters across the states, Canada and other countries, which means there are approximately 226,000 talented, innovative, empowered, strong women within Delta Zeta. And this is the only National Panhellenic Chapter at Gallaudet University. Which makes Delta Zeta the third largest Sorority in the Nation. An Alumna of ours, wrote the first Deaf Cinderella book, and she was a sister back in 1994!


As current President, I am proud to say that our Chapter welcomes women from all backgrounds and languages. As a Sorority, we are open and welcome to all identities, hearing status, ethnicity, intersectionality, and diversity.  This chapter is strict on the No-Hazing Policy, No-Discrimination tolerance and we have a Zero-Tolerance expectation. We pride ourselves for having formed a friendship bond that lasts a lifetime. Having said that, Delta Zeta has heritage core values of academic excellence, leadership development, and service to others. Gallaudet University is home to thousands of diverse persons, and I take pride in knowing that our Chapter has International Sisters to be a part of our Sorority. As the first and only Deaf Chapter of Delta Zeta, we value our Deaf Culture, Community and our Deafhood. Within this chapter, we hold hardworking, dedicated, multi-talented women who invest an incredible amount of personal time into making Delta Zeta successful. As a sorority, we support the Painted Turtle Camp, Gallaudet Dance Company, Gallaudet University, Kendall Elementary School in Washington, D.C., the National Association for the Deaf, and the Nyle DiMarco Foundation.


As President, it is my goal to implement a positive impact and foster stronger relationships amongst other organizations and clubs within Gallaudet University. As women, it should be a daily practice to lift others and to empower each one another. As students, we shall strive for successes with the mindset of “One Success is a Success for All”. Lastly, as president, it is a goal of mine to continue exposing Deaf Culture and American Sign Language with the 169 Delta Zeta Chapters across the nation. 


In the Flame,


Marlena Demmon, President of Omicron Sigma


© 2020 Delta Zeta Sorority,


Sigma Chapter


Gallaudet University 

ELY Center 3rd Floor

800 Florida Ave. NE 

Washington DC 20002