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Why Delta Zeta?

By joining Delta Zeta, you will be a part of something that defies words, but you will have to experience it for yourself!


Delta Zeta helps to make your college experience unforgettable and momentous. During our recruitment, the sisters of the Omicron Sigma chapter will explain and show you what makes our sisterhood so remarkable while sharing all of the tremendous opportunities Delta Zeta has to offer. 


Delta Zeta’s are proud to uphold the values of Delta Zeta Sorority that our founders began over 100 years ago. Delta Zetas portray and live the values of loyalty, sisterhood, service, scholarship, and they also work to enrich the lives of our members. By joining Delta Zeta, women are joining the largest international sorority with 160 collegiate chapters in United States, over 200 alumnae chapters around the globe, and over two hundred thousand of initiated women. 

Every semester, we host our recruitment to welcome all independent ladies and to explain the purpose of why becoming a Delta Zeta Member is quite incredible! 


"A sister is one who will pick you up when you are down. If she can not pick you up, she will lie down beside you and listen."


                                                                                                                                                                        - Unknown

Whether it's dinner dates, study table nights at the library, movie nights, Starbucks on Saturdays, or even going the distance to support a fellow sister. Delta Zetas alway come in numbers and always find different ways to spend quality time with each other. We, the Omicron Sigma chapter, believe that sisterhood runs deeper than just being in a sorority and receiving recognition. Our bond is strong during the time we spend together in college, and continues even after we graduate. Come and be part of our family! You will not regret it, we don't. 

Criteria for Membership

GPA Requirement: Each member must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher and a minimum total of 15 credit hours in order to obtain membership. 


Campus Involvement: Each member must be a part of at least one Gallaudet University club or organization outside of Delta Zeta.


Community Service: Members are required to complete a minimum overall of 35 community service hours during the academic year, though you are strongly encouraged to obtain more. 


Upstanding Character: Because you are ALWAYS 'wearing' your letters, each member is expected to act responsibly both inside and outside of Delta Zeta.


Financial Responsibility: Each member is required to pay chapter dues.


Personality: Leadership potential, motivation, commitment, loyalty, and have passion to give back to the community.

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Sigma Chapter

Gallaudet University 

ELY Center 3rd Floor

800 Florida Ave. NE 

Washington DC 20002